How to Choose the Right Bedding for Your Reptile

Any fantasy novel will tell you, big fire-breathing dragons love to sleep on piles of gold. But what about bearded dragons, water dragons, or other pet herptiles? Luckily for most reptile owners your scaly friend has less extravagant tastes.

How can you make your reptilian roommate feel at home? You provide them with a comfortable bed of course! Less obvious may be the type of bedding your reptile requires. There are many different types of pet reptiles with many different needs, and it’s important to meet those needs starting from the ground up. Literally.

One important factor to consider is that keeping a pet reptile healthy means that you will need to replicate their natural habitat conditions as closely as possible. When they are provided with the environment in which they are accustomed, they will be happy pets. In fact, meeting specific habitat needs are critical for a pet’s physical and mental well-being.

The right bedding will not only keep your terrarium looking nice, but will keep your pet healthy and relaxed. Bedding can be used to recreate the natural habitat of your pet so they will feel at home.

We have created a bedding guide to help you build a home sweet home for your reptile. Enjoy a quick reference of different types of bedding and their benefits along with a chart defining the preferred and the acceptable types of bedding for different types of pets.

Download the full reptile bedding guide here.


Chart of all zilla reptile bedding substrates 

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