Pet Types

Frogs & Amphibians

Amphibians are cold blooded vertebrates of the class Amphibia. Amphibian means living in both land and water. Nearly all amphibians start their life in a larval aquatic stage after hatching from an egg. From there they grow limbs and morph into their adult or terrestrial stage. The class Amphibia is comprised of three orders, containing five types of amphibians.

Lizards & Geckos

Lizards are cold blooded vertebrates of the class Reptilia, order Squamata, and suborders Lacertilia (Lizards) and Amphisbaenia (Worm Lizards). Geckos are categorized as suborder Lacertilia and infraorder Gekkota. Lizards and geckos are four-legged animals covered in scales that have external ears.


So many snakes! Snakes are found in a wide variety of environments on every continent except Antarctica. There are over 3,400 species of snakes, and 18 families, but most can be separated into 5 main groups...

Turtles and Tortoises

There are 461 turtle and tortoise species and they come in all sizes, from giant Leatherback Sea Turtles that can get over 7 feet long and weigh over 1,500 lbs, to the speckled tortoise that only gets 4 inches long and weighs up to 5.8 oz. Certain species of both turtles and tortoises make great pets. Tortoises are very smart and can actually learn their name. Turtles will also recognize their keepers, but mostly because they are excited you’re bringing them food.