• Shed-Ease Reptile Bath

    Zilla 8oz shed-ease reptile bath is a formula of aloe vera that helps facilitate shedding and promotes the development of healthy skin in reptiles.

  • Terrarium Cleaner

    Zilla terrarium cleaner is a non-toxic deodorizer that is an effective glass cleaning solution that is quick and easy to use on glass or any shiny surface.

  • Water Conditioner

    Use Zilla water conditioner in your terrarium pools if you need to get rid of chlorine, chloramines or heavy metals. It is quick and easy to use!

  • Heat & UVB Basking Fixture

    The heat and UVB basking fixture is perfect for desert and tropical reptile environments & has a get combination of heat, light and UVB all in one fixture.

  • Pro Sol Fixtures

    Zilla Pro Sol light fixtures come in sizes 20" and 30", either with or without a built-in timer. Lighting is housed in a low-profile design for a sleek looking terrarium top.

  • Halogen Mini Dome

    The Zilla halogen mini dome takes up less space on your terrarium top but still emits a powerful heat. Bulb not included with dome.

  • Fluorescent Coil Bulbs

    The Zilla 20 watt fluorescent coil bulbs are perfect for desert and tropical reptiles giving them the needed UVB and UVA exposure. Buy today!

  • Digital Temperature Controller

    The Zilla® Digital Temperature Controller is a necessary part of your pet’s husbandry.