Zilla Habitat Accessory Kit

Zilla Habitat Accessory Kits make it easy to get started on setting up a new home for your reptile. There is also an easy step by step setup guide to help make setting up your pet's habitat worry free. Be sure to pair this kit with the perfect enclosure that fits your reptile and their needs.

Size and Fit

The kit includes lighting, bedding, Humidity/Temperature gauge, food and dish.

  • Features Lighting: consisting of 2 black reflector domes 8.5", 1 black reflector dome 5.5", Day Blue Incandescent Bulb 150W, Night Black Incandescent bulb 50W, and Fluorescent Coil Bulb Desert 20W to provide UV. 3 spring clips are also included to easily mount the domes securely to enclosure.
  • Bedding: Odor Reducing Terrarium Liner that is made from an absorbent, non abrasive material that won't irritate sensitive feet. This liner is 36" x 18" (40BR size) it may need to be cut down to fit smaller terrariums or a larger size liner may need to be purchased to fit larger terrariums.
  • Humidity & Temperature Gauge is included to help ensure your pet's habitat is at the right temperature and humidity to maintain their optimal health.
  • Reptile Munchies Omnivore Mix is a quick and easy way to give your animal the nutrition they need. This food can be fed alone or in addition to leafy greens, pellet diets or as a treat. This mix contains dehydrated natural ingredients.
  • Durable Food Dish provides an essential area to keep food or water protected in the habitat.
  • Perfect Habitat starter kit for Bearded Dragons.

UPC#: 096316002692

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