Zilla QuickBuild Terrarium with Easy Clean Bedding Tray

Your pet reptile or amphibian will feel at home in the Zilla QuickBuild Terrarium with Easy Clean Bedding Tray. The unique glass design is easy to assemble, sturdy, and stackable.

Zilla QuickBuild Terrariums include easy-access features, like a front-opening glass door, a double-hinged locking top screen that can be opened from either side, and a feeding port located on the top. The bottom of the high-quality habitat features a removable bedding tray for easy cleaning and bedding changes. These terrariums also feature a top stackable design to make it easier to house multiple reptile or amphibian habitats in your home.


Z-Points 20

Instructions for Use

Use the Zilla QuickBuild Terrarium with Easy Clean Bedding Tray to house your pet reptile or amphibian. This versatile pet enclosure easily accommodates geckos, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, and tortoises. The top screen is made of metal mesh to support lighting and heating fixtures to keep cold-blooded pets cozy. Two points of entry (top and front) allow you to easily handle and feed the reptile or amphibian. Use the removable bedding tray to hold a water bowl and substrates such as moss, bark, pebbles, sand, or pellets enjoyed by land-loving pets, such as woodland tortoises and desert geckos. 

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