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Heat Projectors

Provide 24/7 heat without disturbing reptiles while they sleep! Zilla® Heat Projectors Infrared A & B mimic the sun’s rays and provide a deep heat to reptiles to warm them up gently. The wide beam of heat efficiently directs heat into the terrarium and gives reptiles a more natural heating effect. The Zilla® Heat Projectors are more efficient than ceramic heat emitters, and when compared to halogen bulbs, they save energy and are safer. The durable, metal construction provides a long life of use. Fits Zilla® Reflector Dome and Premium Reflector Dome sizes 5.5” and 8.5”. Place lamp above basking area with a minimum of 8” between lamp and surface of basking area. Lamp may need to be placed further away to maintain ideal temperatures for animal. Available in 50 watts and 75 watts.

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