Gecko Gold Powdered Diet

Doesn’t your gecko deserve gold? Zilla’s new Gecko Gold Diet has been developed with the help of an animal nutritionist and tested over generations of geckos because your pet deserves the best. In addition to natural fruits geckos love, Zilla’s Gecko Gold Diet contains quality protein, balanced levels of calcium, and essential vitamins and minerals which support healthy weight, growth, and egg development. Furthermore, this food contains live probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Zilla Gecko Gold food is an appropriate diet for fruit-eating gecko species such as Crested Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Leachianus Gecko, Chahoua Gecko, and Day Gecko. To prepare food, mix one-part Zilla Gecko Gold food with two-parts water; adjust to achieve desired consistency. Opened powdered food will remain good for up to 6 months at room temperature and may be stored refrigerated to maximize freshness. Prepared food can be stored in refrigerator for up to 7 days. Place food in habitat and remove uneaten food after 24 hours. Feed adult geckos three times per week and juvenile geckos daily. May be supplemented with insects.


  • Easy-to-mix powdered diet
  • Developed with the help of an animal nutritionist and formulated to include natural fruits, quality protein, and live probiotics
  • Includes balanced level of calcium
  • Supports healthy weight, growth, and egg development
  • Ideal for Crested Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Leachianus Gecko, Chahoua Gecko and Day Geckos
  • Contains banana, apple, and mango that fruit-eating geckos love


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