Zilla’s 8.5” Premium Reflector Dome offers a variety of unique features and benefits. Watch our video to learn more!

The ceramic socket on the Premium Reflector Dome helps reduce the heat stress on the bulb, which promotes longer bulb life. The six-foot black power cord has an inline on-off switch.

The powder-coated black exterior creates a clean look, while the reflective white interior adds luster and promotes longer bulb life. These fixtures include spring clips that hold the dome securely in place.

The Premium Reflector Dome is perfect for coil UVB bulbs and heat bulbs up to 150 watts.

Try the Zilla 8.5” Premium Reflector Dome for your habitat today!

The Zilla Front Opening Terrariums are a new style of reptile cages that allow reptile and amphibian keepers easier access to their pets without the need to move hot lights. The kits come with a realistic foam background, removable doors, locking safety pins, and top inserts to help keep humidity in the terrarium. The bottom of the terrarium is water tight to be able to create a false bottom for planted tanks or a water feature.

The Zilla Basking Platform Filter provides a water filtration unit and raised basking area all concealed in one naturalistic looking decor piece. Pets can swim and climb up the rock-like surface while water gently cascades back into the terrarium. Decor, basking and filtration all-in-one!

No more bulky domes! With the Zilla Pro Sol you get visible light, a basking spot and UVB in one slim fixture. Multiple light sockets allow for a 24-hour hot basking spot while also creating a smooth heat gradient in the terrarium. Available with or without integrated timer.

The unique breadth of ingredients in Zilla’s Reptile Munchies provide a varied nutritious addition to any diet. Watch our video to learn more!
Zilla Reptile Munchies are convenient and easy to prepare. All you have to do is mix one part warm water with two parts Zilla Munchies!
Omnivore Mix is perfect for bearded dragons, blue-tongue skinks, box turtles, and much more.
Fruit Mix is a great treat for tropical tortoises, crested geckos, iguanas, and other herbivores.
River Shrimp are an easy, fun, nutritious treat for your turtle, and a great food isopods.
Mealworms are a great treat for your insect-loving pets such as turtles, bearded dragons, and blue-tongue skinks.
Vegetable Mix is a nutritious addition to your tortoise, uromastyx, and other herbivore diets.
Try Zilla Reptile Munchies for your pet today!

Supplements provide beneficial nutrients and have an important impact on your pet’s health. Watch our video to learn about the supplements we have to offer at Zilla! Zilla Calcium Spray is an easy to use and essential supplement for all reptiles and amphibians. Zilla Vitamin Supplement Spray contains many necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy.

Your Turtle Totally Deserves This! The Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kit provides the best in style, function and comfort. The design features a chamfered front glass, a unique light rail that features a fixture which holds a mini halogen bulb and mini compact fluorescent bulb. Also included is a Basking Platform which serves as a décor piece, basking spot and filtration device.

Zilla’s Vertical Tropical Kit is the perfect habitat for tree frogs, crested geckos, and other small tropical species. Watch our video for more details!

Featuring a front opening glass door with a latch and locking pin for added security, your pet will feel right at home. The glass bottom holds up to five inches of water. The background helps create a natural-looking home for your pet.