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Reptile Lab Feature: What is the Zilla Lab?

Zilla Lab Spotlight

Zilla’s Reptile Husbandry Lab contains some of the most amazing reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates on Earth!  Each species is unique and native to tropical or desert habitats and everything in between.  The large diversity in species allows our Designers and Engineers to test the versatility of new products no matter what the product is!  If a new food for omnivores is being developed, the lab contains multiple different omnivorous species we can try the food with and allows for our Food Scientist to test palatability across many different animals.  All testing done in the lab is based on husbandry and how the animals react to different environmental changes, and no testing is done on the animals themselves in an invasive or detrimental manner.  We also track product lifespans and durability to provide the best value to you and your pet. By using products in development, long before it ever gets to the store shelf, Zilla can watch for potential problems and correct them before the product launches ensuring the best experience possible.  

Zilla Lab Spotlight
The Zilla Husbandry Lab has been a home to over 100 animals, many of which have produced offspring that have gone to zoos and nature centers across the United States.  Having this large diversity of species with a range of husbandry requirements allows us to show off the flexibility of the Zilla products.  From the Front Opening Terrariums to the Mini Halogen Lighting, and even the Bedding and Decor, nearly all components of the reptiles’ housing are products made by Zilla.  By having so many different types of environments and husbandry requirements we can showcase how a light fixture that works amazing for a Monkey Tailed Skink can also work perfectly for our Corn Snakes or the bedding used for the Pacman Frog can also help create a perfect environment for our Solomon Island Tree boas.  This flexibility is important when designing new products because of the wide range of reptile and amphibian species kept as pets.

Zilla Lab Spotlight

As with many product labs, the goal of the Zilla Husbandry Lab is testing products durability and longevity.  Testing can cover anything from how durable the paint on a water bowl is to monitoring the UVB output of different bulbs over time.  All of these tests provide our Research and Development team with information that allows us to continuously improve our products and make sure they are not only safe for the animals, but also safe and easy to use for the pet parent.  Tests and protocols are developed by our Research and Development team, put into place, and monitored by our Lab Technicians.  From the animal’s point of view it’s just another day to bask under the lights and enjoy a nice meal, but for our Research and Development department each day brings new data and information we can use to develop and continuously improve products.  

Zilla Lab Spotlight

Our goal at Zilla is to continuously innovate and improve husbandry equipment and practices all while making it easier for new reptile lovers to enter the hobby and be successful.  Through our dedication to creating efficient, durable, and innovative products along with a strong drive to further husbandry knowledge and practices, Zilla is at the forefront of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate care.  Thank you to all of our customers and the stores around North America that carry and use our products!  Your continuous feedback and devotion to our products drives our teams to create better products and experiences for your pets!

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