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Reptile Lab Feature: What is the Zilla Lab?

Zilla reptile baby solomon island tree boa snake

In the Zilla Lab, we work with reptiles and amphibians from around the world. From common pets such as Leopard Geckos and Corn Snakes, to some of the most threatened species in the wild, like the Borneo Earless Monitor. The animals are raised and kept using Zilla products. This helps us to design and create habitats, décor, foods, supplements, and lighting that perfectly fit the needs of any reptile or amphibian you may keep in your home. Every animal in the lab has specific care needs that we are able to utilize when designing new products. We cover a wide range of habitat types from Rainforests to Deserts to Swamps. That means our lab houses a variety of animal types including Geckos, Snakes, Frogs, and even Tarantulas. Different foods are fed to each animal depending on their dietary needs and the Zilla Lab goes through over 310,000 crickets a year!

With some of the species, we are even working to better understand how to successfully keep them in captivity. With proper diet, lighting, heating, and humidity, the animals thrive and many times we get to hatch some of the coolest baby reptiles in the world. In December of 2016, we found that our Solomon Island Tree Boa (Candoia australis bibroni) had given birth to 5 healthy babies. After reaching out to many experts on this genus of snakes, we found that this may be the first time in the United States that this species was bred and born in captivity! This is a major accomplishment for Zilla and our team, and not only exciting to be the first, but also to help add more knowledge to the hobby in hopes of helping others be successful in caring for this unique species as well.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight some of the amazing animals we keep here in the Zilla Lab, as well as plenty of pictures of the babies as they hatch!

Ryan McVeigh

Zilla Brand Manager

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